Seismic Tips and Tricks: How to Roll a Cable


Quickly learn how to roll a cable from Seismic Audio.

Keep things organized and extend the life of your cables by rolling them using the over-under technique.  This video will clearly explain a method of rolling cables that will keep them tangle-free.  Use this method for mic cables, instrument cables, extension cords, air hoses, garden hoses and more.

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 How to:

  • Start by holding the cable in your hand with your thumb away from you and the connector towards you.
  • Grasp the cable an arm-lengths down.  Roll it slightly between your thumb and your index finger to form a loop in the cable.
  • The next loop will be opposite the first and go under the previous loop.  Face your palm outward with your thumb down.  Grab the cable and then bring your thumbs together.
  • You will now see that the cable extends from under your last loop.
  • Simply repeat that sequence until the cable is entirely rolled up.
  • When the cable is stretched out, it will have no kinks or loops in it.
  • An improperly rolled cable will have twists and kinks.
  • What may seem unnatural at first will become second nature over time and it will prolong the life of your cables.
  • Don’t forget a velcro wrap.

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