Top 10 Scariest Musicians

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve decided to go over the top 10 scariest musicians and bands of all time. Check it out and let us know who your scariest bands are!

  1. scary-ozzyOzzy Osbourne– Surely most of you have heard of his insane antics to get a crowd going but if not, Ozzy Osbourne is known for being the Prince of Darkness as well as biting the heads off of flying animals. One thing some people might consider to be equally as scary, is his stent on reality tv. The man looked like he was barely still among the living!
  2. Rammstein koncertRamstein– Whether its the crazy pyrotechnics, or just all around craziness at their shows, this band works hard to push the limits of experience and safety. These Germans leave you with a weird taste in your mouth, hopefully nothing that Ozzy had his hands on…
  3. wallpaperBandGwar– Dressed like medieval fantasy characters, Gwar strive to provide a crazy experience just as much as they do their music. From fake blood, to mini plays on stage, their shows are definitely not your run of the mill Kenny Chesney concert.
  4. slipknot-fires-drummer-via-singing-telegramSlipknot– This group of eight looks more like a cast of a horror movie than a group of music lovers. They don’t even go by names in the band, they refer to themselves as only numbers. Their lyrics are so disturbing they have even inspired a pair of killers and a grave robbing!
  5. rob-zombie-tourRob Zombie– Although he is quite the scary looking character, he is probably the most versatile of the bunch. While staying in the genre of scary, he’s directed movies, been the front man for his band Rob Zombie, as well as work on a solo project called White Zombie. This man while versatile, still has done a great job of keeping the scare factor high in several different ways!
  6. AlicecooperAlice Cooper– Alice Cooper was one of the first rockers to begin using the crazy on stage scare tactics to their fullest. Many would call Alice Cooper a pioneer, Rob Zombie was heavily influenced by Alice Cooper!
  7. Marilyn-MansonMarilyn Manson– Relying on shock factor and overall controversy to gain his fame, Marilyn Manson has been ridiculed and blamed for many controversial things during his time. He ruled the shock factor market during the 90’s having a strong hold on that market for several years.
  8. KissKruise-560x245Kiss– Although they have become more of a Novelty band than a scary band there once was a time where they put on a scary show whether Gene Simmons was breathing fire or spitting up blood, they were shocking the world! Coming towards the end of their career they became so popular they began to sell out arenas and concert halls. This band is probably more scary now without the paint but, in their prime they definitely did it right!
  9. Twisted-Sister-twisted-sister-30567505-800-600Twisted Sister– No doubt, Twisted Sister’s front man Dee Snider is straight up disturbing. His dress like a pantomime witch really pushes the limits of disturbing.
  10. insane-clown-posse-suing-FBIInsane Clown Posse– Let’s face it, clowns are creepy and scary! Now take that and add hip hop and horror into the mix. Could it get any worse? With their unique music and dress, they have amassed millions of sold records and a very unique group of followers called “Juggalos”.

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