Seismic Audio Tips and Tricks: Using the Seismic Audio Cable Tester


                  The seismic audio cable tester is a continuity tester to ensure that your signal is good from one connector to another. To start, test the battery by moving the switch to the battery check position. The test leads can be used on to test any connection and will beep when there is continuity, you can see this on bare wire. The cable tester has the most common connectors built in. Instead of a beep, there are lights. A good RCA cable will light 1 for the tip and 2 for the ground. A speakon type connector will show one for the positive connector and 2 for the ground. An XLR will show 1 for pin one, 2 for pin two and 3 for ground. A midi connector with 5 pins will show green for all 5 pins. Position 2 does not light on this XLR, showing that pin 2 is bad. For a tip sleeve connector, the sleeve extends to where the ring would be, so positions 1 and 3 will be the same.  The tip is position two. The Tip Ring Sleeve connector lights on 1 for the sleeve, 2 for the tip, and 3 for the ring. For a Tip Sleeve connector, the sleeve extends to where the ring would be, so the the number 2 position is irrelevant.  As long as 1 and 3 are good, then the cable is working properly. You can also test a cable with two different connectors–like this XLR to TRS connector.


If you have more questions about how to test cables you can always visit our website, and even give one of our techs a call for more information.


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