Tour Season Gear Suggestions

Alright all you big timers, time to hit the road! We’ve all been there; driving hours through the night to make the next show, gear in a trailer behind you, and everything you own in the back of the van. Sleeping in the fetal position wondering when your next shower will be is always the way to go! Some of the best memories are made on the road; so many friends and fans are made, and some times even some money! As an audio company, we love music and with music comes gear. So we believe in protecting your investment! We have all kinds of essentials for the touring musician. Anywhere from the rack case that protects your front of house gear, or your crash kit that saves you from being one item short of having a great show! As musicians, we strive to provide you with everything you need to have a great time presenting your art to the masses. Below we list several items that we believe would be helpful to any touring musician.

Rack Cases are a vital item to the touring musician for many reasons. Whether you are just trying to consolidate gear into one case, or just want to protect your investment, having your gear SAMRWT-16U_table_800in cases will drastically improve the life of your gear. Click here to see some of the different types of rack cases we offer.  These rack cases have all the essentials … removable doors, stackable corners, locking casters.  The SAMRWT-16U is even engineered to have the front panel become a table at the gig where such space is always at a premium.  Stow your mixer, your amps, your effects and anything else in one of these cases and have confidence it’ll get to the show in one piece.  Most damage to gear happens during the moving process.  Don’t let it happen to your gear.

Crash kits are essential when wanting to make sure you have everything you need. You can never have too many connectors, adapters, gaffers tape, zip ties, etc in your pro audio toolbox. These crash kits are designed to ensure that sound engineers always have the parts they need on hand and at their disposal. You never know when you will need to replace a connector or adapter on the fly. Be ready with Pro Audio Crash Kits from Seismic Audio!  Combine two of our tips in one and store your extra parts, pieces and cables in a heavy-duty steel Rack Case Drawer

In the same vein, have spare parts on hand for your PA speakers.  Replacing a crossover, compression driver or speaker is simple if you have the right parts and tools on hand.  This way the show can go on, no matter what happens.  While you’re at it, installing a wheel kit or caster set on your PA speakers will make loading gear in and out of the venue much easier.SpeakerStandLG_1000

Stands are also great things to have! Playing in venues across the country or even in your home town, you never know what they might have or not have. Seismic Audio provides customers with a variety of different types of stands for different applications. Tripod Boom Mic Stands fold down into a very compact package, making them a great choice for touring.  Heavy-duty steel Speaker Stands are needed to get your speakers above the audience for better projection.

By far the biggest issue to account for while touring is space.  If you’re already stuffing your entire band, all their instruments and amps into a single van, where do you put the giant PA?  You leave the giant PA at home and use a much more compact Line Array system instead.  The SALA Series Line Array combines great sound quality and huge power ratings into a box that is a fraction the size of the usual double 15″ mains.

At Seismic Audio, our experts know lots of ways to lighten your load and protect your gear.  Talk it over with one of them at 877-347-6423.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget the gaffer’s tape.

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