The Top 5 Reasons Colored Cables are Better

If you own your own PA, you have cables.  Lots and lots of cables.  If you’re like most people, they all have the same black cable jacket we’ve been using since the beginning of time.  There is a better way.  The benefits of colored cable are numerous.  Check it out!


1. Style – The most important reason is style, of course.  You’re your own man or woman and not another drone with plain boring black cables.  Stand up and be counted!


2. Organization – Did you ever have to find the one 10ft XLR in among the countless cables in your cable bin?  Wouldn’t it have been easier if it was yellow?


3. Ownership – Get tired of having cables disappear at gigs?  No one is accidentally walking away with your green Speakon cable.


4. Routing – Do you have a complicated rack?  Do you send multiple main outs, sub outs, and auxes?  It’ll all be simpler with certain colors to represent each.


5. Helping – Have you ever wanted to accept a person’s help tearing down your system but their lack of knowledge stopped you?  You can more easily explain to a neophyte that you need all the red cables pulled than you can that you need all XLR cables pulled.

For those reasons and more, add some colored cables to your setup.  Check out our website for a great selection at awesome prices.  Call us at 877-347-6423 to talk to one of our experts about other ways we can help make your audio life easier.

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