Which Power Amplifier is Right For You?

The amplifier is something that is essential to all PA systems. Knowing what you need based on the speakers you have is very important. There are several different things to look for in your amplifier, but first determine the resistance (or Ohms) of your speaker cabinets.  Remember that daisy-chaining speakers will change the overall resistance.  Next check out the power rating of your speakers.  You’ll be looking for an amplifier that produces 1.5 times the RMS rating of your speaker at the same resistance as your speaker.  Listed below will be some of Seismic Audio’s best amplifiers for your needs.

Epicenter5202 2 Channel Power Amplifier

EP5202BOur Epicenter5202 2 Channel Amp give you access to 2 channels while only taking up 2 Rack Spaces in your Rack Case and does not sacrifice power by doing so! This is a 2 channel amplifier capable of pushing just about anything. This is a high end amplifier that is rack mountable and has a Frequency Response of 20Hz to 20kHz. These are by far the best bang for your buck in the industry! These amps are easily capable of pushing two 18″ Subwoofer Cabinets or a pair of Dual 15″ Speakers.. Do a Google search for “Pro Audio 2 Channel Amplifiers”. See what prices the big boys are offering and compare the specs! The Epicenter 5202 will blow them out of the water! The Epicenter Series of Power Amplifiers from Seismic Audio are perfect for all venues and every type of musician. They are ideal for Pro Audio use, live sound, DJ’s, KJ’s, churches, dance clubs, stage, or studio!

  • 2 Ohms- 2×1040 Watts RMS
  • 4 Ohms- 2×780 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms- 2×520 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Bridged- 1×1560 Watts RMS

Epicenter5004 4 Channel Power Amplifier

cf6da733-ae53-49be-90bb-9f052e0d00bcOur Epicenter Amplifier is a BEAST! While prototyping new amplifiers, our tech, Jim, insisted that we offer this amplifier. He fought tooth and nail to bring this amplifier to life and add it to the Seismic Audio line up. He has been doing audio for 30 plus years and said it was the best bang for the buck he had seen in all his years. And he owns a TON of audio gear by brands you didn’t even know existed and those you see in all the big box speaker stores as well.

  • 4 Ohms- 4×850 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms- 4×500 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Bridged- 2×1600 RMS

LE-3000 Power Amplifier

67fa4efb-0480-4b94-9241-58ddd611e787Our LE Series amplifiers are designed for the professional DJ & entertainers that need quality power, but have a limited budget. Every LE Series amplifier provides excellent performance for all speakers. Features included with the LE amps are Input Gain, Ground Lift Switch to eliminate hum, Power LEDs, Channel 1 & 2 level, LED’s indicator, stereo, parallel mono and bridge modes, clip indicator, as well as dual DC fan for efficient cooling to prevent overheating.

  • 4 Ohms- 2×700 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms- 2×350 Watts RMS

Magnitude 3600 2 Channel Power Amplifier

d6e11387-bfaa-47f6-ac64-e54e4fdf4c93Our Magnitude series power amplifier comes with a ton of power and a small price tag. These amps will push just about anything you throw at it. They are stable at 2 ohms and pack a lot of head room. With tons of band width and a damping factor greater than 400, the Magnitude 3600 delivers a heck of a punch! Compare the price and the specs of the big brands out there…. You will not be disappointed in the Magnitude series amplifiers.

  • 2 Ohms- 2×2400 Watts RMS
  • 4 Ohms- 2×1800 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms- 2×1200 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Bridged- 1×3600 Watts RMS

Magnitude 2400 Power Amplifier

f1194143-96ea-4623-9ab2-06354d2645feThis kind of power at this price is unheard of in the pro audio market. Throw in the ability to handle a 2 ohm load and this proves to be an extremely versatile amplifier.  Our customers rave about the headroom, the clarity and the reliability of this model. You get overheating, short circuiting, and clipping protection built in and the ability to run in stereo, parallel or bridge mode.

  • 2 Ohms- 2×1600 Watts RMS
  • 4 Ohms- 2×1260 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms- 2×800 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Bridged- 1×2500 Watts RMS


MBG-4000 Power Amplifier

Our MBG amplifiers are a step up from our LE series. We have still tried to keep your budget in mind without compromising quality. These MBG amps pack a lot of juice in a cost effective amplifier. These amps are easily capable of pushing two 18″ subwoofer cabinets or a pair of dual 15″ speakers.

  • 4 Ohms- 2×1000 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms- 2×500 Watts RMS

Shockwave4000 Power Amplifier

9aba36d5-586a-4992-b3b0-3e76a3d6a762The Shockwave4000 delivers everything musicians look for in an amplifier…. lots of power, exceptional sound quality, low-noise operation, every-day toughness and reliability, built like a tank, and doesn’t break the wallet. With super simple controls you get everything you need in an amp and none of the fluff that would typically drive the price up. Bang for the buck, this is a heck of a machine!

  • 4 Ohms- 2×900 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms- 2×600 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Bridged- 1×1200 Watts RMS

Picking the correct amplifier for your PA systems is crucial.  The right amp will deliver stronger and cleaner power than an amplifier with the wrong specifications for your setup.  Need help sorting through the numbers?  Give us a call at 877-347-6423 and let us help find the exact right model for you.

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