Seismic Spotlight:  Epicenter Power Amps

The Epicenter line of power amps are the professional workhorses of the Seismic Audio amplification line.  Built like tanks, the two models combine the most needed features for working musicians, DJs, and anyone else that prioritizes sound quality and power.




First, the Epicenter5202 is a 2 channel amp that can deliver 1560 watts when bridged at 8 Ohms.  That is a considerable amount of power, well above the usual average for the price range.  However, the truly exciting feature is the capability it has to handle 2 Ohm loads.  The flexibility you gain from that feature plus the astonishing power rating puts this amp up there among the best in class.  The price puts the Epicenter5202 beyond the closest competitors.





The second amplifier in the line, the Epicenter5004 also gives you professional features that have always costed quite a bit more.  This amp boasts 4 channels of 850 watts at 4 Ohms.  Ideally suited to complex monitoring or PA solutions, the Epicenter5004 will even give you 2 bridged channels of 1600 watts at 8 Ohms.  Do you need to run 8 subwoofers on one amp?  How about 4 dual speaker mains?  You’ll have trouble finding another amp to do the same for any price.  At the Seismic Audio price, there is nothing to compete with it anywhere.


Here is Rusty, one of our experts, breaking down the Epicenter5004 on our YouTube channel.

Awesome power, awesome features, awesome prices.  Want to know more?  Check out our website.  Chat with one of our experts right through the site or call at 877-347-6423.

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