Seismic Spotlight: S Wave

We, here at Seismic Audio, have just recently welcomed our newest family member.  It is the S Wave speaker series, a passive version of the popular L Wave series.  Long demanded and finally produced, the S Wave is our absolute best choice for portable PA systems for bands, DJs and sound companies.  Many features make it ideal for a lightweight traveling solution.

First, the cabinet is made from shatter-proof ABS plastic.  It carries a much lower weight than other similar-sized speakers and the tone remains just as good.  Easy-to-use fly mounts and built-in speaker pole mounts make this series quite versatile.  Trapezoidal design allows the S Wave series to perform double duty as mains or monitors.swave

Available in three speaker sizes, the S Wave series has a configuration to fit your needs and your budget.  The 15″ version peaks at 1200 watts.  It features a 3″ voice coil and an 80 oz magnet, allowing it to cut through the noisiest stages and venues.  The 12″ version nearly matches the performance of its big brother.  It boasts 1000 watts peak power with the same 3″ voice coil and a 75 oz magnet.  It manages this while weighing 10 less pounds than the 15″ cabinet.  Finally, there is the 10″ version which is perfect for monitor use.  400 watts peak through a 10″ speaker is the best recipe for pushing vocals through a crowded stage mix.  Also, the 23 pound weight of the cabinet and the ruggedness of the ABS shell makes it perfect for life on the road.

Seismic Audio continues to innovate and produce the best combination of quality and price for the working musician.  The S Wave series is just the latest example.  Call one of our experts at 877-347-6423 to find the best solution for your situation.  Let us know in the comments if you’ve gotten to try the S Wave or even the powered L Waves.

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