DJ Sound Essentials

In some ways, we’ve come a long way from two turntables and a microphone. In other ways, that phrase is just as applicable today despite all the technology created since. One thing is for certain, to DJ you must be able to playback music and address your audience. The turntables are just as valid today as ever, but computers, CD players, and MP3 players all have points in their favor. The microphone is necessary, no matter what you use to play your tunes. This article will leave the choice of music player to you and instead focus on delivering that sound to the audience. Follow along as we start with the great debate of whether a DJ needs an audio mixer or not.slider

So, no matter what choice you make to play your music, you’re likely to have a DJ mixer involved already. Why would you then add an audio mixer? There are three main reasons. First, the audio mixer is going to give you better control over your sound. As a DJ, your sound is your life so you want all the control you can get. Second, the built-in preamp on an audio mixer for microphones is going to be better than the built-in preamp on a DJ mixer for microphones. Again, this gets you better sound quality and that is what will get you the next gig. Finally, audio mixers will give you a way to control your subwoofers separately from your full-range speakers through the use of an auxiliary channel. Having a good bass sound is crucial to any kind of DJ’ing and an audio mixer will give you the best options to accomplish this.cppa

Consider the Slider 7 mixer from Seismic Audio. It’s small and compact, which will help it fit on your table. It has five microphone preamps built-in. That gives you space to hook up your DJ mixer and microphone and still have a couple spares for whatever may come up. Plenty of gigs will want you to provide extra microphones so it is good to have the ability to do so. Speaking of microphones, the SA-M30 is sturdy high-quality microphone that is well suited to the rigors of live performance.spectra

Your DJ controller and audio mixer make up the brains of the sound, next you need to add the muscle. Here, you’ll want to consider several things. Mainly, you’ll want to think about how you’ll be using your system. Will you keep in your own house for your own enjoyment? Then, you’ll want to use studio monitors for a high quality sound. The Spectra monitor series will make your living room performances sound amazing. If you think you’ll take the next step up and perform at house parties, pool parties, and other informal gatherings of that nature then the SA-CPPA1 system would easily meet your needs. It’s easy to transport and powerful enough to cover small crowds and areas. Being a true full-range system, with the included subwoofer, means you’ll have the thump needed for dance music and hip-hop.magma

If you want to perform, you’ll need to make another step up in size. Many venues will have their own PA systems, but being able to accommodate ones that don’t just increases the number of places you can play. Also, using your own PA system means you’re familiar with how it works and should be able to get a better sound quality from it than one you’ve never used before.The first step into larger systems for most people is a couple powered speakers and powered subs. The top-of-the-line Magma series from Seismic Audio is one such option. A more cost-efficient and expandable option would be to go passive, however. This means having speakers and subs that are powered by an external power amp. This package will give you an idea of what that looks like. The benefit here is that as you want to add more speakers for larger gigs in the future, you’ll always be able to do so while still utilizing the gear you have already purchased. With powered speakers, that won’t always be possible.Epicenter-PKG-2-_500

These are the essentials for a DJ sound system. The specifics will vary greatly depending how you want to use them. For personalized advice, give one of our experts a call at 1-877-347-6423. Also, visit for the best deals on equipment.

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