Choosing Your Monitor Speakers

Whether you are a musician looking to take greater control over your live sound or a pro audio tech managing multiple musicians’ on-stage monitor feeds, Seismic Audio has a wide selection of powered, passive & coaxial monitors to help you find the perfect match. If you’re looking to purchase monitors for your stage, here are […]

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DJ Sound Essentials

In some ways, we’ve come a long way from two turntables and a microphone. In other ways, that phrase is just as applicable today despite all the technology created since. One thing is for certain, to DJ you must be able to playback music and address your audience. The turntables are just as valid today […]

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Ohm’s Law and You

I venture to say that most of us aren’t in music for the science.  However, there are some places where knowing a little bit of science can help you manage the complexities of a full-range PA system or even something as simple as picking the right speaker cabinet for a guitar head.  So, let’s learn […]

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Fight the Feedback

  Short of a power outage, nothing stops a performance quicker than feedback problems. Fortunately, most feedback issues can prevented or minimized with a few tricks during set up and sound check. The first step is positioning. The relationship between speakers and microphones is important and will be the largest determining factor of whether you […]

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Outside Sound: Playing in the Park

Of all the common misconceptions in the world of pro audio, the one that keeps popping up in conversations for me is the nature of outdoor sound reinforcement.  I’ve heard the exact same axiom repeated by knowledgeable people with completely opposing viewpoints.  Check it out: “What is the best way to improve the sound of your […]

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