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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I have a gk 250ml with two full range 6.5 inch speakers was hoping you made them and lt me know..or if i sent them to get reconned how much for both ways


  2. Hello. I am strongly considering the purchase of your MBG-4000 Power Amplifier for our small church. However, after reviewing the information here, I am a bit uncertain now. From what I could read on the back of our speakers, they are an older model set of Yamaha #S115IV – 8ohms, 500w program, & 1000w maximum. That said, is this the appropriate amplifier for these speakers? Thanks so much for your assistance. Ms. Moore


    1. Our MBG-4000 produces 500 watts RMS power at 8 ohms. This is actually a good match for your speakers, especially in a small church setting. The numbers mean that the MBG-4000 will consistently produce 500 watts of power. It’s an average, but one that can be sustained by the amplifier. This matches the program rating of your speaker cabinets, so it is exactly the amount of power they are designed to handle. Both our amplifier and your speaker cabinets have maximum power outputs of 1000 watts. For each, this is the number they can’t exceed without damage. Again, the numbers here match up exactly. It means that both will have the same buffer against peaks. Peaks are the loudest parts of the sound being reproduced. This all means that they will work well together. I definitely recommend the MBG-4000 for your situation.


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