Outside Sound: Playing in the Park

Of all the common misconceptions in the world of pro audio, the one that keeps popping up in conversations for me is the nature of outdoor sound reinforcement.  I’ve heard the exact same axiom repeated by knowledgeable people with completely opposing viewpoints.  Check it out: “What is the best way to improve the sound of your […]

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Presenting Seismic Sessions

Seismic Audio is proud to launch a new video showcase for up and coming bands entitled Seismic Sessions.  Our first session is now live and available on our YouTube page.  The artist is wzuh, a local hip-hop artist whose lyrics will challenge you to think and grooves will get your body moving.  He’s backed by […]

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How to Upgrade Your PA

We all started with two speakers on sticks.  It’s simple and it works.  The enduring popularity of our Seismic Audio Speakers SA-15T speaks to how common this introductory setup is to this day.  How do you get from there to a full-service PA rental company?  Seismic Audio has the answer and it is simpler than […]

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