Tour Season Gear Suggestions

Alright all you big timers, time to hit the road! We’ve all been there; driving hours through the night to make the next show, gear in a trailer behind you, and everything you own in the back of the van. Sleeping in the fetal position wondering when your next shower will be is always the […]

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Top 10 Scariest Musicians

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve decided to go over the top 10 scariest musicians and bands of all time. Check it out and let us know who your scariest bands are! Ozzy Osbourne– Surely most of you have heard of his insane antics to get a crowd going but if not, Ozzy Osbourne […]

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Line Arrays Have Arrived!

As some of  you may know, we have been working long and hard to design and manufacture two different lines of line array speakers. After working diligently to get the right design and price points that best help you, we have finally been able to launch them! We are so excited to be providing such […]

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